Life's a riddle. It plays with you whenever it wants to. It fulls with laughter,tears,joy and sadness. Enjoy your life while you can xD

Friday, November 5


In my last post, I said that I'd be going to KLCC for movie and lunch with friends. So yeah, here comes the 'club'? xD

Okay, we all promised that we'd be waiting in front of the 'Roti boy' at 10 am ! So guess at what time I woke up? Haha, I woke up at 9 am, seriously. My mom asked if I'm going or not. Then I said, "yeah.why?" " It's 9 am right now". I finished everything in 30 minutes, LOL. shower, clothes and others. But still I arrived late, cause my dad, he needs to go for, IDK. I arrived at 10.30.

Then, we ran to TGV. bought everything. Suddenly, they told us that we're not going to watch 'You Again' cause there's some tech probs. so we gotta change our movie. There's two movies which were The Other Guys and Takers. Soso wanna watch Takers. And me, seriously I really wanna watch You Again or Life As We Know It ( hot poster xD) . Then they all agreed to watch Takers cause that's the only movie that start around 11. 

When the movie started, I wasn't really paid attention. Then there's a group of robber,entering a bank. haha. Then I saw AJ with his specs on. OMG! That's when I started to concentrate on the movie. Hihi. Love AJ, Love his hat, Love his specs and Love him in suits. The group members were G or Gordon Cozier, Johnny or John Rahway, AJ ( the hottie xD ), Jake and Jesse ( they are brothers). I really like the part when the guys are partying. Wooshh. Johhny's entering the pool in nude. LOL. At first, I thought that was AJ but AJ has tattoos on his shoulder. 

The movie finished, awww, too bad that AJ died. Jake and Jesse died too. Poor robbers. AJ is a hot-robber. I wanna watch the movie again. Then I came up with an idea, ' What if I asked my uncle and my best friend to watch the movie with me again? ' * they are tall, they'll look like 18. 

Lunch, we ate at the Manhattan Fish Market. Ahh, when I knew that we gonna eat here. I screamed. But only in my heart xD Cause I don't eat seafood, man. That sucks. Then there's this fish. Anith told me try some. and I tried. It was great. and I ate the fish and cake. Nothing else. I didn't eat the rice cause it smells like shrimps. 

We took some pictures, went to Kinokuniya and Chamelon then went home :)