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Thursday, November 4

Sleepay :O

*Huwahhh. So sleepayy. Can I sleep now? Nawwww, I can't. Nanti poor Haziq kena tinggal sorang xD Haha, that's not it actually. It's not time for sleep yet. 

know what? tadi I read this blog. It's about, uhmm, the blogger wanna overcome social cases among teens nowadays but yeah that's kinda rough. The blogger showed the picture, their full name and don't even blurred their face. Funny though.

ah, tomorrow. Outing! yeahhh, finaallllyyy. Going to KLCC with friends and teachers. We're going to watch you again. Cute. Meet you guys at 10 am in front of the Roti Boy :)

* Gotta charge my mp4 and camera. Ah, what to wear? Green tee? White tee? Jeans? definitely. and Shoes? Gosh!