Life's a riddle. It plays with you whenever it wants to. It fulls with laughter,tears,joy and sadness. Enjoy your life while you can xD

Wednesday, November 3


Friends. Aww, felt like crying. I remembered last Monday where all of us were hugging, crying and apologizing to each other. Love it. Love them. Love the love that we built for three years and most of us that are going to move out of school. Love the way they burst their laughter. Love the way they gossips. Love the way they talk to each other. I'm gonna miss it. 

* What the heck I'm talking about? Can someone please slap me and tie my hand so I can't type? Ah, sorry for all this craps. I'm bored to death.

Yeah, why I'm bored to death? Because I'm not going to school. Why? Because there's a lawatan and I don't want to come. My other friends are going. They're going to Putrajaya. Wish I were with them. Anith offered me her seat. But how could I? If I accept her offer, then she'll stay. What kind of bitch I am? Nah, not a bitch. Huh, no more cursing words. I'm a nice and innocent girl. If I accept her offer, then I'll be like noppeee ,then I'm a jerk. So I decided to stay home rather than being left alone in school. 

* Have fun , F R I E N D S ! : D