Life's a riddle. It plays with you whenever it wants to. It fulls with laughter,tears,joy and sadness. Enjoy your life while you can xD

Wednesday, November 3

Fast streaming?

I'm sleeping at my Aunt's room. Not sleeping actually cause I haven't sleep at all so I just make my bed. It's on the floor. I kinda used to sleep on the floor, but using a thick bed sheet. And then, I was facebook-ing and download-ing, suddenly, Upin dan Ipin theme song was loudly heard. Tried to find my aunt phone to turn her alarm off. And then a rooster 'kok kok-ing', and this came to my brain/head/mind or whatever," How many alarms did she use? But she still not awake yet. Huh, weird! "

* want to wake up early? use Ring Ding Dong-SHINee as your alarm song and put your phone under your pillow or above it or anywhere as long it is near to you? My alarm song is Love Drunk-Boys Like Girls :D