Life's a riddle. It plays with you whenever it wants to. It fulls with laughter,tears,joy and sadness. Enjoy your life while you can xD

Thursday, December 9

It's just another post.

Just read my cousin's blog. Wow, it's all about her friends and teachers and school St. Mary. She's 12 now. Gonna go for secondary next year but I don't know if she's going to St. Mary or not. By reading her blog, I now realized that my friends and I are gonna split from each other. But I appreciate our friendship that we built for this fun 3 years. Can't believe that time passes by so fast. The way you guys laugh, jokes and get angry. It will always remain in my memory. Tears suddenly coming down. I love you guys. Why can't you all stay? We gotta have a reunion in few years, a really great one in a gorgeous place. All of us dress up nicely, have our hair done, and do we have to bring our partners along? xD Wow, I think that's more like prom xD

* Gah, the tears. Signing out. -click